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Teira Miracle Bowyer was born on in Emporia, Kansas weighing at 5 lbs 2oz. Teira has one older brother, which is NASCAR Sprint Cup series driver Clint Bowyer.

Because of her low birth weight at birth, Teira had a bad problem managing her weight growing up, because she had the small weight then the average weight of her age, like she was five years old, and had the weight of a three year old, she was ten years old, and had the weight of a five year old.

Academics wise in high school, Teira kept a steady 89% average, while juggling extra-curriculer activities such as soccer, dance and hockey and her job, which was a cashier at the local Wal-Mart (which she since quit when she went to university)...

...and the university dream didn't last that long, since the costs of just going to university for just one year

Teira Miracle Bowyer


June 14, 1986 (25)


Emporia, Kansas

(nevermind four) proved to be too much for Teira, and she since dropped out, hoping that if making it all the way through (and going through all the neccessary training, Teira was planning on be a coroner.

Now, she spends her days traveling on the road with her brother, learning the ways of how a stock car works, and hanging with her friends.

Teira's Twitter account is @TeiraAngel33, where she uses it to talk to her friends, fans of NASCAR and fans of her brother, and posts pictures of her and what she might be doing during the day